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Edinburgh Tree Servicing don't just play with trees. We offer hedge cutting, hedge maintenance and hedge removal as part of our range of services. Our aim being to improve the health and growth of trees, hedges, and more.

We are happy to provide these solutions to residential and commercial clients. 

Whether you are looking for a one-off or regular maintenance offering, we can help.

Whatever service you request, you can be assured that our professional tree surgeons will take proper care of your boundary.
A well-trimmed and healthy hedge offers the ideal framing for any property.

If someone is searching for the highest quality services in the local area, all they need to do is pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.
If you are looking for the best service with great value for money in Edinburgh and the Lothians plus the Falkirk area, give us a call now.

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    Beautify the Boundary of any Property by using our Hedge Cutting Services

    Hedging comes in an array of sizes and shapes. Some of the top options include hardy, not-so-hardy, seasonal, evergreen, fast- or slow-growing, and more. While there is an array of popular options, some of the most common include:

    • Thuja Emerald: This is a slower-growing evergreen that is cone-shaped. It requires less maintenance and is considered a “hardy” hedge.
    • Leylandii Conifer: A very common evergreen option, this hedge grows quickly and is very hardy. Several types are available.
    • Native Hedging Plants: Several options available, and these are deciduous rather than evergreen, except Holly.
    • Laurel: Non-conifer, a fast-growing evergreen hedge that is considered extremely hardy.
    • Red Robin: As its name suggests. Not green. Fast-growing, hardy, and evergreen. Even though it's red
    • Box Hedging: Considered a slow-growing and low maintenance hedge option that is not as hardy as the others.
    • Brabant: Various options available for this hardy, evergreen, fast-growing conifer.

    Some of the hedge options mentioned above can grow to be 80 feet high. This is appealing to some individuals, but others prefer to trim their hedging to a more acceptable height that provides a higher level of beauty, shelter, and privacy.

    When properly maintained, the hedge will stay vibrant, robust, and healthy throughout the year. Professional pruning services can also be beneficial for the health of the hedge. Removal of the dead branches will help prevent infestations. Also, removing branches that are protruding into public areas is beneficial, as these may present a danger or hazard to the public.

    The professionals will typically use a hedge cutter for shaping and trimming the hedge, as well as a petrol chainsaw, if it must be removed. While this is true, if noise is a concern, an electric chainsaw can be used.

    Please let us know if you think this would be a requirement. 

    The frequency that maintenance and trimming are needed for hedges is dependent on several factors. For example, factors like the time of year, weather, and type of hedging in question will impact how often a professional’s services are needed. Experts will also take special care to make sure nesting birds are not disturbed while the trimming and shaping are being done, regardless of where the hedges are located. With professional help, hedges will look amazing and be healthy throughout the year.

    For advice and a quotation, call Edinburgh Tree Servicing now.

    Hedge Cutting in Edinburgh

    Common Questions for our Tree Surgeons around Hedge Trimming in Edinburgh

    When should you trim a hedge?

    A: This depends on the type of hedge. Each type should be researched before trimming but in the main before and after summer is the recommended timing. 

    What is the proper way to trim hedges?

    A: Tidy the hedge to remove anything dead or old. When complete, rather than cut straight up and down try to leave the bottom of the hedge slightly wider than the top. 
    How much does it cost for hedge trimming?

    A: This depends on the length, height, type of hedge, whether cuttings are to be removed etc. It's best that we view and provide a quotation as it's difficult to tell over the phone.  

    Is it OK to cut hedges now?

    A: As above we like to avoid summer for two reasons, one the hedges generally bud in the summer and you'd be cutting off growth. The second main reason is that birds generally nest in the summer and it is not legal to cut/trim if it affects wildlife.