Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in the Edinburgh Area 

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Benefits of Stump Removal?

If you, as a property owner, have one or several stumps on your property you would like removed, you should call the professionals for stump removal assistance.

There are several reasons to invest in professional stump removal or stump grinding.

For example, tree stumps can be destructive (to your garden equipment and your toes), obstructive, infested with fungus and parasites, and most people want them removed before serious issues or injuries occur.


There are a few stump removal options, including manually removing the stump from the ground, poisoning it, winching the stump out, or using a stump grinder.

These methods may be effective depending on the stump, but usually, stump grinding is the fastest, safest, and easiest solution.

However, it's best to schedule an evaluation to determine what removal method is best. During the assessment, the professionals can recommend the best removal option. They will also take note of any other stump-related issues that may require attention.

We will describe each of the methods below. However, it's safe to say that if you are unsure which way is best for your garden or commercial area, it's probably best to visit the location. In doing so, we can provide some advice and costing.

See below for further details or contact us now. 

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    So what are your Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Options ?

    If a stump is not entirely dead, it may sprout flowers and roots again. The official word for this is "suckering." While it is not a bad thing, it may be undesirable in some areas. However, if the stump is really dead, it will become prey for parasites and fungi. Because of this, removal is typically the best option.

    If the tree is smaller or the roots are not extremely deep, it may be possible to dig the stump out. In this instance, typically, there will be no need to contact a tree surgeon for assistance.

    If the stump is deeply embedded or deep-rooted, there are three options. One is to leave it in place and poison it. Eventually, the stump will rot away. Another option is to winch the tree stump out of place. The last is to grind it out using industrial machinery.

    Some of the most popular poisons that are used include Root Tree Killer and Stump Killer. They are beneficial if the right procedures are followed and if the customer can leave the area for a specific amount of time.

    However, this is not the most eco-friendly option, so it is not something the experts usually recommend.

    As mentioned, we are not a great fan of poisoning, as there is no guarantee of it working. It takes forever but more importantly, putting poison into the earth, in our opinion, has too many drawbacks. We can and will utilise the poison if this is the preferred choice.

    Winching has potential pitfalls too, so this is only done in a clear area where nothing may be damaged. Also, the tree must be a certain height, and the roots cannot be deep-rooted for this process to be effective. We would have to do a proper survey before we could ascertain whether winching is the preferred option.

    Stump grinding, whether by handheld or heavy-duty industrial machinery, is the fastest and most effective solution. It is also the most common option because of how fast and effective it is. Once the stump grinding process is complete, it is possible to cover the area with soil and turf right away. (If there are any residual roots that the grinder cannot reach, they usually rot and wither.)

    The cost of stump grinding is dependent on the size of the stump and how easy it is to access.

    Hopefully, that gives some insight into the best way to remove stumps. Calling for professional help is best to ensure the professional results wanted are achieved. Also, safety is a top concern, so be sure to keep this in mind.

    As you would expect from a company that cares so much about their work and the environment, you will get an honest and trustworthy quote. That's one exact price with no nasty surprises!


    Stump Removal by Edinburgh Tree Surgeons

    Common questions Edinburgh Tree Surgeons are asked about Tree Stump Removal

    What is the fastest way to remove a tree stump?

    A: The fastest way without a doubt is to dig the stump out. If it's a small stump then picks and shovels and crow bars are sufficient. If larger and deeper then we normally utilise stump grinders.

    Do it yourself stump removal?

    A: As mentioned above, if the stump is small and you are fit enough, then as long as you are confident that you won't hurt yourself, there is no reason as to why you couldn't remove it. For anything of substance we prefer to use machinery. 

    What is the cheapest way to get rid of a tree stump?

    A: Do it yourself. After this it would be the application of chemicals as long as you have the time and are happy to put chemicals in the ground.

    Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

    A: We do both. If small, we remove it in one piece. If larger, we grind it until it's in a position to be removed.

    Let us help you get your garden back to lovely?