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Concerned and need advice on one or more of your trees?

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Whatever the situation, we would be happy to survey the site for you as quickly as possible and give our opinion on what's needed.

We can provide information regarding whether the tree is dangerous or diseased and determine if there are any other options besides a complete removal. If our tree cutting, felling and removal is the option selected, the professionals can figure out if it is best to fell the tree in one piece or to remove it in sections. We can also discuss whether the stump is to be removed or left in situ.

Our tree-felling professionals will work to ensure all property and people are safe while the work is done. The company is fully insured to provide peace of mind for the client. This is a young, family-owned company that takes pride in providing superior results for every client served.  

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    Why Tree Removal in Edinburgh?

    There are a few reasons that tree removal may be the best option. Some of these include:

    • The presence of dead trees
    • Trees that are damaging the home or boundary walls
    • Storm-damaged trees
    • Trees that are overgrown or too big for their location
    • Dangerous or damaged trees
    • Power line entanglement

    If there is no alternative to removing the tree, we will look into the safest and most efficient removal method. We can apply our expertise and knowledge to ensure the area close to the tree and the client’s property are safe during the process.

    Our professionals will also survey the best option for removing the branches and trunk. Having a plan before getting started is key and something the professionals take pride in. It also helps to make the entire process more manageable.

    If there is plenty of room and no chance of damage occurring, the professionals will try to fell the tree in a single piece. This is a satisfying process. After all, someone gets to yell, “Timber.”

    However, in many cases, there is not enough space to fell the tree. This is when the tree will be dismantled. This means that the tree is removed one piece at a time until nothing is left.

    Usually, a petrol chainsaw or tree-cutting saw is used for the removal process. However, in some cases, there are situations where excessive noise may be an issue. If this is the case, an electric chainsaw can be used. Please let us know if you think this would be a requirement.

    If a person has decided the tree stump needs to be removed, this can be handled the same day most of the time. After the job is done, the team will remove all the parts of the tree and dispose of them off-site. It is also possible for the property owner to keep the tree, if desired. Please advise before the event that we don't have to take the tree away.

    Call for more information today and to get started.

    PS As mentioned on our Home Page. We really only like to perform Tree Felling if there are no other options. In this instance we promise to plant two replacement trees to help our guilty conscience. If you would like to know more about our tree planting activites please get in touch. It's not all Tree Cutting and Tree Felling you know! 

    Tree Felling after Tree Cutting by Edinburgh Tree Surgeons

    Common Question we get for Edinburgh Tree Cutting, Tree Felling and Tree Removal

    Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property UK?

    A: We would never recommend cutting down any trees if they were healthy. If the trees are dying or are causing a hazard and are not affected by a Tree Preservation Order then it is unlikely you will need permission for removal. 

    Is there any law against cutting trees?

    A: If there are any doubts you should contact the council before cutting trees down. They can advise whether there are any orders and whether you actually have the right to do so. 

    Is it expensive to remove a tree?

    A: This depends on the size, width, access, whether you want the materials removed etc. A small and straight forward tree cutting and removal will obviously be cheaper than a larger, expansive tree situated in a hard to access area. We are more than happy to advise.

    How much does a tree surgeon cost UK?

    A: Tree Surgeons can be anywhere between £400 and £600 a day dependent on materials and tools required to do the job professionally. 

    Any Edinburgh Tree Questions?