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As Tree Surgeons, What Kind of Tree Surgery Can we Perform?

Professional tree surgeons can conduct many types of open field surgery on tree “patients.” The most common services involve pruning, crown thinning, crown reduction, and crown lifting. 

Our Tree surgeons in Edinburgh also offer deadwood services. This refers to the removal of diseased or dead portions of the tree. Failure to remove these dead or diseased areas can result in other parts of the tree being contaminated. Eliminating these parts before the issue spreads is highly recommended.

As experts in pruning services, professional tree surgeons can discuss the options available and help tree owners determine the best solution. Along with providing expert advice, tree surgeons can provide on-site evaluation and quote for the tree surgery needed. While tree surgery is not always required, when it is, working with the pros is best to ensure the desired results are achieved. 

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    Need more information on the Best Types of Tree Pruning? 

    Typically, tree surgeons will use a pruning saw for trimming and shaping a tree. For removing larger branches, a petrol chainsaw or speciality pruning tools are necessary. In some cases, there are situations where noise is a mitigating factor, and when needed, can use an electric chainsaw. Customers must let the tree professional know about this need before they arrive on the job site.

    Crown Lifting

    Are the tree’s lower reaches encroaching on roads, footpaths, or nearby overhead lines? Does the garden or property area need more light? If so, crown lifting is ideal. By removing some of the lower branches, it is possible to alleviate these problems.

    Remember, it is necessary to have the tree be fully examined before making changes that will impact its structure. Fully grown or older trees should not (typically) be raised.

    Also, care must be taken when eliminating the larger branches. This may impact the wellness, balance, and the overall look of the tree in question.

    Thinning of the Crown

    To boost a tree’s visual appeal and wellness, crown thinning for the canopy may be necessary. This practice offers several benefits. For example, it allows more light to reach the garden and property, allows better wind flow through the cover with less resistance, and it helps to lighten the tree.

    There are a few situations where crown thinning is not a good idea. For example, if there are root concerns, then the expert may consider a crown decrease.

    Crown Reduction

    A crown reduction or forming are unique techniques that are used when the tree needs a reduction in height. For this, the trimming methods will be determined by the type of tree in question. When a tree is made lighter, it becomes more resilient and robust – even in adverse climates. At Edinburgh Tree Servicing, we will advise on the best possible means to minimize or shape the crown, which will meet your needs and the tree's health and wellness needs.


    The dead wooding process is necessary if there is a risk of injury or property damages. It is also essential for the health of the tree. All broken, infected, dead, decayed, or structurally weak limbs and branches are removed or trimmed during the dead wooding process.

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    Common Questions we get Here at Edinburgh Tree Surgeons

    What is Tree Surgery?

    A: Tree Surgery is the process of maintaining and prolonging a trees health where possible.

    If it is not possible to save the tree then the surgeon will advise on the best and safest process to remove the tree safely.

    How much does a tree surgeon charge?

    A: Tree Surgeons can be anywhere between £400 and £600 a day dependent on materials and tools required to do the job professionally. 

    How dangerous is tree surgery?

    A: The number of tree surgeons injured or killed is surprisingly high. As soon as you work above a certain height the risk increases. Adding to this, using dangerous machinery and an unyielding tree, then unfortunately things can and do happen. 

    Why is tree removal so expensive?

    A: There is a lot of training, insurances, risk, manpower, machinery and material required in most instances so it's no surprise that sometimes tree removal can cost more than a customer expects.

    Our professional and friendly tree surgery team is waiting to hear from you.